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Text to Win… Her Heart!

Dating is tricky enough without considering the many ways technology interferes with your chances of a second date. Texting, phone calls, and online messages all have their place in modern communication, but texting is by far the most challenging dating … Continue reading

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Dating in the Digital Age

Dive into a conversation about technology’s role in dating with Kelleher Matchmaking co-founders Jill and Amber Kelleher in this article written by Kristen Gray.

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The Los Angeles Dream Team

Are you looking for love in Los Angeles? Give us a call or email us to learn what makes Kelleher International the uber matchmaking firm.

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Do Men Benefit from Marriage More Than Women?

Is it possible men benefit from marriage more than women? Our Los Angeles matchmaking service has seen its fair share of auspicious dates and unions, but the stereotype of the unwilling groom drug to the altar still permeates modern culture.

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Holiday Survival Tips for Couples

  For many couples, the holidays can bring a sense of dread alongside all the excitement of sharing the season together. In addition to the real hustle, bustle, and stress of the season, you have the added responsibility of managing … Continue reading

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Modern Dating

Many of the men who come to us have lost hope in finding “The One” by themselves; they either have too much to do and not enough time to do it, or find that meeting the right someone that’s at … Continue reading

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Ask LA Matchmakers: Why Do I Always Attract the Same Type?

Anyone who has ever mused over a series of failed dates understands that some people attract a specific personality type. These “types” always seem to either be beneficial or harmful when starting a new relationship. Why is it that some … Continue reading

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5 Things Your Date Never Wants to Hear About Your Ex

It has long been thought that for a relationship to be successful, couples should never bring up old relationships or exes. Discussing the past is stigmatized as “wallowing” or even as getting “stuck” in the past and being unable to … Continue reading

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5 Iconic Couples Halloween Costumes

  The excitement of the holidays doubles when you have someone special with which to celebrate.  Halloween is full of spooks and thrills that create the opportunity for couples to grab on to one another during scary movies and haunted … Continue reading

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Crack the “Guy Code”

  The feminine mystique has nothing on the calm, cool, collected male demeanor. While gender differences have baffled the dating world for millennia, even men are prone to subtle cues of attraction. There are plenty of telltale signs that indicate … Continue reading

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