Matchmaking Mavens: A Salute to Mom

Jill and Amber - Kelleher International Matchmakers

We are a family-owned, boutique matchmaking firm celebrating 30 years of successful matches. It all started with the knack of our founder Jill Kelleher for putting people together. Sprinkling in grit, charm, and tenacity, Jill created an exclusive niche in the love business for successful professionals that grew from San Francisco to international stature.

Passing the torch onto daughter Amber Kelleher-Andrews, today the Kelleher network of select members continues to expand, but so does the corporate mission. KI no longer exclusively unites people in love. Amber realized the chemistry that connects two people in romance could be the very same chemistry that connects two ambitious entrepreneurs around an idea or cause. Through philanthropic efforts and special events, Amber strategically unites people for the greater good.

“It’s still about matching people,” Amber says, “but I’m able to use my intuition, my ability to get who someone is – all aspects of them, from personality to upbringing to career choices to the position they’re in and what they’ve accomplished – to inspire change and a greater global impact.”

As a mother-daughter duo, Jill and Amber have become pros at professional collaboration while maintaining that sacred mother-daughter bond. They each bring different strengths to the growing business and hand-select the team of KI Matchmakers with as much care and attention as they do in accepting their discerning clients to the network as well as their philanthropic ventures, such as Leadership Gatherings with Sir. Richard Branson on Necker Island.

As we salute super moms this week, I asked Amber to share some insight into the dynamics of this unique partnership and some of the magic that keeps the Kelleher sparks flying.

“My mom is my rock,” Amber exclaimed. Stepping up to the CEO role never felt like I was replacing Mom or filling her shoes. I get my instincts for business and connecting people from Mom but have my own unique style. Fortunately, my mother supports and guides me to grow the company.” Amber attributes a mutual respect and shared vision to the mother-daughter duo’s success.

Aside from the supportive work relationship, Amber beams as she talks about Jill Kelleher, the grandmother. “I’m so lucky to live close to my mom and have her play such an integral role in the upbringing of my children. It truly is a life-changer, and I’m eternally grateful that my kids will grow up having had so many wonderful experiences and such a strong bond with their grandmother. So many people don’t have that.”

This Mother’s Day, Kelleher International salutes all of the hard-working, motivated, multi-tasking, super moms out there raising the next generation of changemakers and thought leaders. Thank you, moms, for your sacrifices and for making the world a better, more loving place. And if you’re a single mom out there trying to do it on your own, remember that it takes a village. And when you’re ready, there’s a tribe of matchmakers right here at Kelleher International who get where you’re coming from and are happy to help you in the love department. Give us a call.

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