5 Iconic Couples Halloween Costumes

Los Angeles matchmakers help couples find Halloween costume ideas


The excitement of the holidays doubles when you have someone special with which to celebrate.  Halloween is full of spooks and thrills that create the opportunity for couples to grab on to one another during scary movies and haunted house tours. It also presents the chance to collaborate with your date and dress to impress in disguises sure to win the costume contest at any party. Dressing up together is a fun way to express your togetherness while letting your creative side shine. Whether you are going for humor or something more elegant, our Los Angeles matchmakers know the right couples costumes to make this 2017 Halloween unforgettable.

Malibu’s Most Wanted
Barbie and Ken are the iconic Malibu Beach couple. Dress like the classic Mattel couple with clothes you probably have at home, or can find online fairly quickly. Whether you go for the ascot and leg warmers from their appearance in “Toy Story 3,” or opt for a more sophisticated look, here are some of Barbie and Ken’s best outfits.  Take this costume to the next level by keeping Barbie and Ken in their original packaging via this DIY guide.

President and First Lady
Together, Jackie O. and JFK became a historic power couple. Beautiful Jacqueline Lee Bouvier with her pearls and sophisticated style and John Fitzgerald Kennedy with his million-dollar smile: this duo can make for a timeless and tasteful Halloween costume for the refined couple. If you are looking to add humor to your celebration, switch the concept up by dressing as JFK and Marilyn Monroe instead.

On the Run
Go on the lam this Halloween with matching Bonnie and Clyde costumes. Style your outfits after Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway in their classic rendition from the 1967 film. This is an easily recognizable costume and easy to accessorize with squirt guns, hats, and scarves for a more glamorous style.

Winter is Coming
One of television’s sexiest couples of all time is Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo from “Game of Thrones.” The intense relationship between these two is a fan favorite, so you and your partner will be sure to turn heads. Plus, the many outfits worn in Game of Thrones provide a lot of potential costume ideas. Dance Halloween night away in the stunning wedding outfits worn in the first season, party hard in traditional Dothraki garb, or  settle for the Khaleesi’s most iconic outfit: the regal blue dress.

The Royals
If you and your partner are looking to go the romantic route, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make the perfect duo costume. This fairytale couple has dozens of sweet moments together that you and your partner can remake. This fashionable couple is always dressed to impress, so if you are planning on attending a sophisticated Halloween soirée, this costume idea is a great way to keep it simple and elegant. Try mimicking the 2016 Royal Tour of Canada for a fresh look.

Halloween is a wonderful time to enjoy each other’s company while doing something outside of your normal routine. If you’re looking to create your own fall love story, contact one of our Los Angeles Matchmakers online today.

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