Crack the “Guy Code”

shutterstock_59254525   The feminine mystique has nothing on the calm, cool, collected male demeanor. While gender differences have baffled the dating world for millennia, even men are prone to subtle cues of attraction. There are plenty of telltale signs that indicate whether the man you’re seeing is genuinely interested or if he’s just playing along. No one likes to go on bad dates, which is why Kelleher Los Angeles matchmakers have compiled a list of eight behaviors that indicate genuine interest. Our elite L.A. matchmakers set up dates based on compatibility and attraction; if your date does these, chances of a future relationship are good!

He puts you first. When it comes down to choosing between guy’s night out and date night with you, your man has his priorities straight (and if he has to cancel, he’s quick to reschedule). Your date wants to spend time with you and makes an effort to show his affection by sharing the most valuable thing he owns: his time. Appreciate this as a gesture of his favor and enjoy the attention. This glowing feeling helps you anticipate the next date, too.

His eyes linger. Eye contact is routine during friendly or professional conversations; it’s a typical way to connect with people and show interest in their thoughts and ideas. When his eyes move from your eyes to your lips, however, it could be a sign he has something romantic on his mind. Once you’ve ruled out the idea that there may be something in your teeth causing those sidelong glances, keep an eye on your guy. He might be preparing to make the first move – and you’ll want to be ready.

He includes you. You’re never left to fend for yourself in group settings, or if you are, it’s only for short periods of time while your date gets drinks. Your date makes an effort to invite you to group events because he enjoys your company and wants you there. If you meet with a large group of his friends, he should recognize you’re a newcomer and make an effort to talk you up beforehand, so conversation is natural in the moment. Of course, you should always have a few conversation starters of your own.

He puts the phone away. A man who pulls out his phone to text, call or Snapchat during a date is too distracted to notice you, so don’t be offended if this one doesn’t work out. Chances are he was too busy playing in cyberspace to see you were on the date anyway, so don’t take rejection personally in this case. A man who puts away his phone, engages you in conversation, and pays attention to what you have to say is a keeper! This kind of man understands that you’re building a relationship – not a Facebook profile.

He gets close. Some people aren’t touchy-feely, but if a man places his hand on your lower back, it’s pretty much guaranteed he is interested. Similarly, a hand on the shoulder during the conversation could mean he’s excited to tell you something, but it’s more likely an excuse to get close to you.

He’s chivalrous. Offering his coat on a cold night isn’t just a gesture of compassion – it’s a sign of protective instinct. Your date wants to take care of you, even if that means giving up the shirt on his back. Opening the door, paying for dinner, and putting extra effort into dates are also good indicators he’s excited to be with you.

He smiles! We’re not talking about the closed-lipped smirk men give when someone says something witty; look for the genuine, toothy grin that makes your date’s eyes crinkle. A more involved response means a higher commitment to the conversation. This says he’s genuinely enjoying himself and, more importantly, enjoys spending time with you.

He comes right out and says he’s into you. Body language gives hints into the unconscious minds of men, but there are no guarantees. The best way to determine if someone genuinely likes you is to ask!

When it comes to dating, every person is different. Some men are more likely to vocalize their feelings while others play it safe and keep their emotions close to the vest. Read dating body language to get meaningful insight into whether your date is emotionally available or if he’s just testing the waters. Once you know where you stand, it’s easier to determine how the playbook should read from that point on. Are you interested in a meaningful relationship with someone who has all the right characteristics? Let us know what you’re looking for by completing our contact form.

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