The REAL Reasons Online Dating Isn’t Working for You


Online dating commercials boast thousands of matches resulting from this system of factory dating, but how many of these matches are actually quality relationships that result in lasting marriages and relationship support for the duration of their courtship? The truth is that online dating leaves paying customers stranded with ineffective algorithms, subpar services, and customer support that doesn’t care. It’s time for a romance revolution! Learn why your online dating profile doesn’t stack up and how to get better dates with this helpful guide from the exclusive matchmakers at Kelleher Los Angeles.

Your profile is sales-y. Lists of your accomplishments are impressive on a resume, but a different set of rules applies when applying to become someone’s life partner. It’s great that you volunteer and love your job, but what happens in your downtime is probably more important to a prospective mate. Stop selling yourself and be honest about who you are, what you want, and how much time and effort you’re willing to invest in a new relationship. Be genuine and you will attract genuine matches.

You aren’t being taken seriously. Even people who pay for online profiles are still investing in the bare minimum amount of work necessary to start a relationship. Online dating is, in a word, lazy. It’s the most antisocial method of connecting with another human being and requires almost no effort to use. Do you really want to date someone who has already lost enthusiasm for “the chase”?

Information overload. With so many pretty faces listed all in a row, it’s easy to objectify potential dates and judge people based on the value of a smile rather than the value of their personality or the kindness of their hearts. The Internet teaches us that people are things to be measured, valued and rejected if they don’t meet our standards. Alternate dating services in L.A., however, match couples based on compatibility and perceived chemistry. When possible, L.A. matchmaking services are the preferred option to keep your dating circle exclusive, personalized and focused.

Failed algorithms. A Northwestern study shows dating site algorithms that claim to narrow pools of thousands down to only a few of the most compatible matches are ineffective. This means your dating site subscription is no more effective than wandering into a local bar and interviewing five random people who happen to be there that night. Don’t settle for broken promises and failed compatibility tests. Your perfect match is closer than you think!

Dating sites aren’t personalized. Despite all the questionnaires that supposedly match you based on common habits, your “match percentage” is really an arbitrary method of measuring a person’s personality. Compatibility increases when friends or family set up couples, and that is exactly the concept Kelleher Los Angeles follows. Our Los Angeles matchmaking services provide personalized upscale and celebrity dating in the big city based on your personal preferences – not on some impersonal computer-generated number.

Los Angeles residents pay far too much for dating services that misrepresent their effectiveness. It’s time to avert your eyes from online dating and get cozy with personalized matchmaking services with an extensive database of professional singles from around the world. Kelleher Los Angeles prides itself on customer service and guides clients through the tricky world of dating from start to finish. If you’re ready to invest in a smarter way to date, call today and speak with your own matchmaker. You’re worth it.

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