Holiday Survival Tips for Couples



For many couples, the holidays can bring a sense of dread alongside all the excitement of sharing the season together. In addition to the real hustle, bustle, and stress of the season, you have the added responsibility of managing a relationship on top of it. This time of the year can be hard for new and seasoned couples, alike. Our matchmakers often respond to clients who have noticed their ordinarily laid-back partners get a little tense during the holiday season. You can survive the holidays with your significant other as long as you both take deep breaths, communicate openly and are listen willingly to each other’s needs. Here are three of the most common topics Los Angeles couples face during the holiday season:

Gift Giving

Some people have a knack for knowing just what to get others for the holidays, whereas others have so much anxiety about choosing that they always get it wrong. Even if you’ve been dating a long time, it’s hard to come up with the ‘perfect’ gift. To overcome this obstacle, remove the mystery by discussing gift expectations openly with your date. This will relieve stress on both ends and also allow you to get what the other wants without questioning yourself.

If you still want to keep some mystery in gift giving, make a list of three different things that you would want, and then give it to your significant other. Besides, it’s not the gift that matters; it’s the time and effort they put into getting you something that they know will make you happy.


Be respectful of your partner when it comes to splitting family time during the holidays, especially if one of you has family in a different state. To decide on a compromise, sit down together and map out the pros and cons of visiting one family, both families, or even just spending the holiday alone together. If you go to their family’s home for Thanksgiving, will you spend Christmas with your family? Will you be able to have Thanksgiving dinner with both families, or should you visit one family this year and the other next year? Do you decide to forgo family visitation all together and just reserve a table at a nice restaurant in town? Keep an open mind and remember that your partner loves their family just as much as you do your own.


You’ve whipped out your list of family traditions and are excited to share them with your partner, but they may be less than enthused. Your significant other may have their traditions to make the holiday season feel special. Try to find some common ground and take this as an opportunity to start new traditions for both of you to share.

The best thing you can do for yourselves during this stressful holiday season is to be prepared and willing to listen to each other. With patience, compromise and communication, you’re sure to make plenty of happy memories together that will last a lifetime. If you’re still looking for a date to share in your holiday joy, our Los Angeles matchmakers are a call away. Let us play Santa Claus and bring you the gift of romance this holiday season. Contact us today to get started.

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