A Gentleman’s Guide to Modern Dating


Many of the men who come to us have lost hope in finding “The One” by themselves; they either have too much to do and not enough time to do it, or find that meeting the right someone that’s at their level is more difficult than it once was. Los Angeles is not a place to just dive into the dating scene unprepared.  The Gentleman’s Guide was created for both veteran daters and rookies alike in an attempt to help men navigate the rocky seas of the women’s psyche… as gentlemen.

We believe that there is someone right for everyone and once we help you find that one special woman, we’ll help you steal her heart using these 10 helpful tips!

Ditch the Phone – Not Your Date
Men who are constantly on the phone give the impression that they are not in control of their lives; rather, they allow their phones to control them. Instead of focusing on the minor issues from work that demand constant attention, focus on lighting the spark between you and your date.

Pick Up the Check
As cliché as it sounds, women (even successful women), appreciate a man who takes care of her. By paying the tab, you are showing that you are not only able to provide for your date, but you are also a gentleman. She may even offer to pick up the next tab, securing you a second date.

K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple, Stupid)
A first date should be a taste of things to come. Give her a bit of who you are and the lifestyle you live, and it’ll have her coming back for more. Keep it simple. Be assertive and plan the dates around her schedule. She’ll appreciate not having to keep track of two different schedules.

It’s Okay to Talk about Your Kids
Surprise! Some successful women may already have a family or are thinking about having one in the future. If you already have children of your own, talk about them so your date can see where your priorities lie. Tell her about the play you just saw at their school or the graduation you attended. If you don’t have children yet, but want them in the future, be up front about that, as well! One of the most attractive things in the world is watching a man talk about love. It makes women dream of feeling that same deep devotion. This is your chance to be the man of her dreams!

X Your Ex
You’re having a good time and she seems to be interested (or at least she hasn’t gotten up and left yet), but a sure fire way to ruin the mood is to bring up past relationships – especially disastrous ones. Gentlemen should never speak unkindly about their past lovers; it makes a woman think you might speak that way about her someday. If it does come up in conversation, the words you call her in your head (if the relationship ended on a sour note) are probably not fit for the dinner table. At the next opportunity, change the topic!

Eyes on the Prize
Women like undivided attention. Your date may have rescheduled meetings and or postponed a night out with her friends to make this date, so attempt to keep your eyes from wandering to the busty blond at the bar. Trust us: that “sneak peek” was not so sneaky at all. A true gentleman will ask the woman about herself and actively listen to her answers, only having eyes for her.

Women today enjoy a bit of refinement when meeting a man for dinner. It might be okay to joke around with the guys and tell jokes with coarse language when you are with your friends, but a date is not the right place for this. Clean up your language and preserve that pristine first impression.

Small Gestures Matter
Underneath her accomplishments, your date is still a woman. Sometimes it’s not the dozen red roses that you have delivered to her work that she remembers later on – it’s the small flower you tucked behind her ear while you were walking. It’s the way your eyes light up when she walks through the door and how you make her feel like the only woman in the room. It’s the coat you offer her in the winter, the text message you send her when you first wake up, and the door you hold open for her that will keep her coming back for more.

Save Your Time (and Hers)
If you’re not feeling the chemistry, still be polite and courteous for the duration of the date. Use this as time to practice your small talk so the next date you go on can be even better. Remember, you don’t have to make promises like “I’ll call you” or “Let’s do this again” if you don’t mean it. You’ll just waste her time – and yours.

Show Some Class
If you would like to see her again, show her that you’re a gentleman and restrain from asking to come in. Instead, if you’re both feeling it, entice her with a sweet goodbye kiss, and leave her wanting more! Nothing is more irresistible than a dessert you can’t eat right away!

Finding the right woman in a big city can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. Luckily, we’re the magnet you’ve been looking for! As the most influential matchmaker in Los Angeles, we have women coming to us, to find you! As William Camden said, “The sea hath fish for every man,” so contact us to start fishing.



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