Text to Win… Her Heart!


Dating is tricky enough without considering the many ways technology interferes with your chances of a second date. Texting, phone calls, and online messages all have their place in modern communication, but texting is by far the most challenging dating tool to master. A text message can make or break your relationship, so it’s important to text smart. The Southern California elite matchmaking team at Kelleher Los Angeles has discovered simple tips to improve your texting game and make her fall in love with you – without ever leaving your house.

The key to winning someone over by text message lies in making text messages as natural as possible. If done correctly, your date should feel special and appreciated – much like they would if you had just spoken face-to-face. If you are as open and honest through the written word as you are in person, you might just make your date smile regardless of the distance between you.

Women love to wake up with a smile.

The “good morning” text is a great way to let her know she’s the first person you think about when you wake up. Personalize your greeting with a compliment or wish her luck on an important meeting that day. She will feel special knowing she’s on your mind, and you’ll feel better knowing you initiated conversation. If she follows up by asking about your day, you’ll know she’s interested in getting to know you better.

Show gratitude.

It’s natural to write a “thank you” card after receiving a gift so take this principle to heart after a first date, too. Send a quick note to express your gratitude for great conversation and, if the date went well, use this as an opportunity to plan your next outing together. Your manners will be duly noted and appreciated.

Get your flirt on!

Flirty text messages are a great way to progress your relationship even if neither of you is immediately available for another date. Compliment your potential love on more than just their looks: pick out one or two personality traits you admire and highlight those in your text messages. Emojis are your best tool to convey emotion, especially since text messages are often easily misinterpreted. Be mindful of the things you say but don’t overthink anything. Dating should be fun!

Ask questions.

Express genuine interest in your date. If they mentioned a favorite place in the city on your first date, ask if they would like to go there for the second date. People are always impressed to discover you were paying attention, and you will not have to worry about planning an elaborate second date from scratch. It’s a great way to make sure each experience is personalized just for the two of you.

Lapses in conversation via text are perfectly normal. Your date is talking to you between work, errands, workouts, and other social engagements and life stuff. Similarly, stick with the 160 character limit – exceeding this is equivalent to sending multiple messages at once. If you’ve already sent one or two text messages, don’t text again until you receive a reply. Haranguing your date with multiple texts is unattractive and will likely result in the end of your potential relationship. If you are anxious about receiving a response, distract yourself by continuing daily life – away from the phone.

Keep in mind certain things should never be said over text message. The first time you say “I love you” should be an intimate moment shared just between you and your date. In fact, we recommend leaving your phone behind for this special moment. After all, most couples remember the first time they said “I love you” for years to come. Give your date an exciting story to tell friends and family when you decide to become an official couple.

It’s important to convey an honest representation of yourself whether you’re having a conversation in person or texting a date while she is on a business trip in another country. Luckily, modern technology works in favor of hopeless romantics: endless options exist to make you feel connected to your date even long-distance. If you’re ready to text like a professional, contact a matchmaking expert in Los Angeles today and let us find the love of your dreams.


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