Modern Matchmaking: The Client Connection

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There seems to be a misconception on the role of the modern matchmaker – the misinformed idea is that we only search on behalf of men with the focus being on lots and lots of dating. The truth is, there’s a vast difference between a dating service and a matchmaking firm. Matchmakers are responsible for developing a bond with both male and female clients so as to peel back those complicated layers to discover what makes them tick and what they’re truly looking for in the love department. A matchmaker armed with those details can be exceptionally useful.

We asked Kelleher International Executive Matchmaker, Molly Davis, to pull back the curtain and share some insight into the significant relationship between client and matchmaker. Molly works with our international client base consisting of the KI Chairman’s Group and CEO Club clients.

Molly jokingly quotes Jerry Maguire, “Help me help you,” but admits there’s a lot of truth in those now famous four little words. “The matchmaking process is a collaborative effort. We can provide promising opportunities but it’s how our clients approach said opportunities that makes it work. It’s important to remember we are in this together sharing the same goal.”

“One mistake I see clients make over and over is locking themselves into a preconceived notion of their perfect partner. By maintaining tunnel vision they close themselves off from potential matches,” Molly explained.

Molly’s advice is to stay as open as possible and dive into the work of discovering what makes you tick. “Ask yourself why certain partner criteria are important to you and thoughtfully analyze the answers you uncover. Is this notion of your perfect partner based on what other people will think? Are you going to cuddle up with their diploma at night?”

Asking yourself the hard questions and having an open dialogue with your matchmaker builds a level of trust and understanding and assists us in making better connections on your behalf.

According to Molly, her favorite part of matchmaking is the opportunity to change people’s lives in a profound way. We have a team of matchmakers who share her passion for making “love connections.” If you’re considering a change to your current relationship status and would like the assistance of bright, confident, and compassionate matchmakers, call Kelleher International today.


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