How LA’s Rich and Famous Can Benefit from Matchmaking

man in plaid hugs smiling girlAs matchmakers of the wealthy at Kelleher International, we specialize in both millionaire and celebrity dating. Our Los Angeles matchmaking services cater primarily to Hollywood celebrities, supermodels, professional athletes, business executives and other highly eligible singles who are at the very top of their industries. A common question we get is, “Do the rich and famous really have trouble finding love?” Yes, like anybody else, the rich and famous can have trouble finding love.

In fact, fame and fortune can make the search for the right person even more challenging. That’s where an elite dating service like Kelleher International can help. Our LA matchmakers are familiar with and prepared to face these challenges to find our famous clients that special someone. If you’re well known and well-to-do, here’s how using Kelleher International’s famous matchmaking service can benefit you.

If You Find Yourself with Limited Options

A well-known celebrity can’t simply put a profile on a dating website or attend a singles mixer. Doing so would invite unwanted attention and scrutiny. Plus, there’s the problem of finding someone who likes them for who they are and not just their riches or celebrity status. A professional matchmaker like Kelleher International knows how to handle the special problems that come with being in the limelight. Our matchmakers always screen potential matches so you can be sure of the intentions of your date. Traditional dating can’t do that.

If You are Serious About Finding and Making a Life with Someone

Our matchmakers talk at length with each of our clients to find out exactly what they’re looking for in a romantic partner. We evaluate everything from physical and personality traits to professional goals and religious beliefs. We then conduct a targeted search for people who match what the client has described to us as his or her perfect partner.

As the largest privately owned matchmaking agency in the United States, we have many resources at hand, including an extensive matchmaking database filled with the world’s most desirable single men and women. When we find a potential match, we carefully check them out to make sure they truly match what the client has in mind. Once we are confident the match will be compatible with the client, we arrange for the two to meet. After the date, we follow up to see if the date was a success. If not, we start the matchmaking process over with the client’s feedback from the date in mind. If the match works, we can advise the client as to the next steps necessary in building a successful relationship.

If You Desire Confidentiality

We know how important privacy is to our rich and famous clients. When you sign up for online dating, your profile is made public which can cause overexposure, especially for someone with celebrity status. Our Los Angeles matchmaking services are completely confidential to avoid opening our clients to media scrutiny. We promise the utmost discretion as we assist with your quest for love.

When you choose Kelleher International as your matchmaker, you benefit from our expertise, attentive service, and resources. Since our founding in 1986, we’ve successfully matched thousands of high-profile, high-end clients. And if you’re single, successful and desirable, Kelleher International can help you, too. Contact us today to get started with one of our famous Los Angeles matchmakers.

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