Los Angeles Offers Plenty of Romantic Hot Spots

Los Angeles may be the backdrop for many a romantic movie, but it can also be the backdrop for your own real-life romance. From fun theaters to five-star restaurants and beaches to mountains, Los Angeles provides great scenery for a budding relationship. For those who haven’t met the right one yet, LA matchmaker and elite dating service Kelleher International can help you find someone special to take advantage of L.A.’s more romantic corners.

Specializing in celebrity and millionaire matchmaking, Kelleher International is a trusted name in upscale dating. Enlist Kelleher International’s Los Angeles matchmaking services, and soon you’ll have someone with whom to try out these romantic LA hotspots:

The Japanese Garden

The japanese Garden in Los Angeles

Nestled away in the San Fernando Valley, this tranquil treat from the Far East makes for a nice, quiet stroll with your sweetheart. Waterfalls, ponds and carefully manicured trees, flowers and greens make for a wonderfully romantic walk. The gardens are designed to promote balanced emotions, a welcome addition to any date.

The Japanese Garden, 6100 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys, CA,  (818) 756-8166, thejapanesegarden.com

UCB Theatre

UCB Theatre in Los Angeles

Lighten the mood and share a few laughs by taking in a comedy show at West Hollywood’s inventive UCB Theatre. Founded by the comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade (which includes SNL alum Amy Poehler), the intimate UCB Theatre features cutting-edge stand-up and improv comedy from both up-and-coming and established performers in the comedy world. An audience favorite is Asssscat, which involves a group of performers improvising scenes based off short monologues.

UCB Theatre, 5919 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA, (323) 908-8702, losangeles.ucbtheatre.com

The Gelato Bar and Espresso Caffé

The Gelato and Espresso Caffe in Los Angeles

Gelato puts a modern, international spin on the classic date of sharing milkshakes at the soda fountain. A favorite Italian dessert, gelato is denser, more intensely flavored and less fattening than ice cream. The good folks at The Gelato Bar in Studio City have cooked up a wide range of gelato and sorbet flavors to suit nearly every taste – from traditional chocolate to honey fig marscarpone.  The Gelato Bar’s cozy, quirky décor provides a charming décor for getting to know your date over a cup of stracciatella.

The Gelato Bar and Espresso Caffe – Studio City, 4342 ½ Topanga Ave., Studio City, CA, (818) 487-1717; Los Feliz – 1936 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, CA, (323) 668-0606, gelatobar-la.com

The Egyptian Theatre

The Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles

Cuddling up with your main squeeze (and some popcorn) to catch a flick is always a good idea, but in L.A., it’s a great idea. A Mecca for film enthusiasts, Los Angeles offers some of America’s most intriguing movie theatres, such as the historic Egyptian Theatre. Characterized by its opulent Egyptian revival architecture, the Egyptian offers a premium movie-viewing experience that you just don’t get in the typical strip mall multi-plex. The Egyptian currently shows classic films in its Forever Hollywood series, which features exclusive interviews from big-name stars.

Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA, (323) 466-3456, egyptiantheatre.com


Idyllwild in Los Angeles

Tucked away in the San Jacinto Mountains is the alpine-covered paradise of Idyllwild. A two-hour drive east of Los Angeles, Idyllwild provides a peaceful romantic getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. A rustic ski resort in the winter and a hiking and mountain climbing destination in the warmer months, Idyllwild offers plenty of opportunities to explore the relatively untouched wilderness with your sweetie. When you tire of venturing forth into the wild, Idyllwild has a nice selection of art galleries, coffee shops and restaurants.


To find someone to help you explore these amorous spots and more around town, visit us at Kelleher International in Los Angeles at kelleherlosangeles.com to get started.

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