Celebrity Matchmaker Kelleher International Helps Hollywood Find Love

Being a celebrity offers many advantages. But being rich and famous can also have its drawbacks. For celebrities, romantic relationships can be a great deal more complicated than for people not in the spotlight. The usual dating rituals can expose the well-known to plenty of attention and scrutiny by the media. Also, celebrities need someone who can handle the hectic pace and pressures involved with the celebrity lifestyle.

For these reasons, many celebrities turn to Kelleher International, a Los Angeles matchmakingservicegeared toward the well-known and well-to-do. Many Hollywood celebrities have found the loves of their lives through our LA matchmaking services. One of the most reputable celebrity dating services in the world, Kelleher International has been mentioned on Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition and The Today Show. Kelleher International is the LA matchmaker of choice for many Hollywood celebrities in search of love.

Kelleher International greatly simplifies the search for that special someone for its famous clients. At the very beginning of our matchmaking process, our matchmakers talk with the client at length regarding what they’re looking for in a partner. In this initial session, the client is encouraged to describe their perfect match – from looks and personality traits to professional goals and personal beliefs. Using the client’s preferences, our matchmakers comb through our extensive matchmaking network for men and women who match what the client has in mind. This involves ensuring that each match has similar goals to the client for a relationship. We wouldn’t match someone who would like to have kids someday with a person who is fervently opposed to having kids, for example. Every potential match is thoroughly screened before we decide to introduce him or her to the client. We do this to make certain that all of our introductions are to people we can confidently say are honorable, successful and desirable.

Also, at Kelleher International, we understand exactly how important privacy is to our clients, high-profile or otherwise. To shield our clients from unwanted and potentially embarrassing press, we keep our client list completely confidential.

For more than 25 years, Kelleher International has specialized in helping celebrities and other highly accomplished singles find the right person. We are aware of the challenges a high-profile romance can present and how to prevail over those challenges to match our celebrity clientele successfully with eligible men and women. Please visit us at www.kelleherlosangeles.com to find out more about our celebrity matchmaking

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