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5 Los Angeles Dates for the Truly Cultured

Many of our clients live a jet setting lifestyle. You wake up in one time zone and go to sleep in another only to find career or social obligations take you somewhere else the next day. It’s likely your date … Continue reading

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Love in the Age of the Internet

According to research run by Workplace Options, distracted workers cost U.S. businesses $650 billion per year. Our clients are at the top of the food chain, so it’s easy to imagine how frustrating this figure must be in the context … Continue reading

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How to Date an Actor in 7 Easy Steps

There are many careers in the world that test a relationship’s foundations, and acting is most definitely one of them. Los Angeles is full of people in “the industry,” and our matchmakers often find we are able to pair these … Continue reading

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What Marriage Counselors Teach Us About Matchmaking

Our matchmakers take pride in what we do – not just because we watch couples fall in love on a regular basis, but also because we know matchmaking is the tried-and-true way to gain a lasting relationship. Los Angeles is … Continue reading

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4 Steps to Recover from Lost Love – and Come Out on Top!

We reported on a very exciting new attraction coming to Los Angeles back in April and we are pleased to announce that the long-awaited Museum of Broken Relationships has finally opened! For just $18, visitors can peruse more than 100 … Continue reading

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