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3 Luxurious (Yet Overlooked) Holiday Destinations

There is nothing like traveling for the holidays, and no one does it better than Kelleher Los Angeles’ clients. Whether they’re jetting off to exclusive island resorts or whisking their dates away to quaint historical villages, there is a holiday … Continue reading

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The Best Celebrity Love Advice For Your Life

There is an age-old tradition of imparting family wisdom on a new couple on the day of their wedding. Relatives, friends and acquaintances all write their best pieces of marriage advice in a book or on slips of paper for … Continue reading

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Celebrity Couples with Age Differences

The media is buzzing about Mary-Kate Olsen’s private wedding to Olivier Sarkozy over Thanksgiving weekend. The couple has attracted a great deal of media attention due not only to Sarkozy being the brother of the former French President, but also … Continue reading

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