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5 Things to Expect When Dating a Powerful Woman

Relationships offer benefits for both sexes: reduced blood pressure, increased happiness and even reduced cholesterol levels have been observed in happy couples. There is no doubt dating the right person can improve your life. Similarly, surrounding yourself with powerful people … Continue reading

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Triage Your Love Life

Like your home, relationships also need spring cleaning and maintenance to stay healthy. Getting too comfortable, ignoring your date, or oversharing are all surefire ways to kill the romance before it has the chance to spark. While previous relationships might … Continue reading

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7 Lessons You Learn from Bad Dates

There’s no way to avoid them; sometimes, bad dates just happen. Terrible dating experiences are like a dark presence stalking single people, waiting for their most vulnerable moments before attacking with bad puns, lackluster conversations and leering looks. It’s not … Continue reading

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7 Los Angeles Second Date Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Use

Dating is an art based on very specific psychology. It is important to consider communication styles, and venues should vary to showcase your specific interests and intentions for the relationship. Do you want build teamwork with your date? Is your … Continue reading

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