Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to think about a gift for that special someone. Whether this is an individual you have just begun to date or someone you have been in a committed relationship with for a while now, it is important to show your appreciation and interest in them through a romantic and thought-out gesture; finding the perfect gift is a must! At Kelleher Los Angeles, we know just how difficult it can be to find that present, which is why we are here with a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

For him


For those that are still in a new, budding relationship, there is more freedom and less pressure when it comes to a Valentine’s Day gift. Think back on your first date together. If you went to dinner, try to remember what he ordered to drink. Then, buy him a bottle and pair it with a card. Or, if you know his favorite sports team, consider getting him some type of memorabilia. This might be a hat, jersey, sweatshirt with the team’s logo, etc. Remember to keep it simple. This gift does not need to be extravagant. However, choosing his favorite beverage or his favorite sports team shows that you pay attention and take note of his specific interests.

Committed relationship

If you are in a committed relationship, however, it might be time to take things a step further for Valentine’s Day. This is the time to really show your loved one how you feel. Spoil them, and have fun doing it! Rather than simply getting him the drink he ordered on your first date, reenact that night all over again. Get a certificate to the restaurant you went to. Book a hotel room to stay the night in, and reminisce about your first outing together. If you would rather continue with the sports theme, go a little further and get him tickets to see his team play. If it is not the season, look into getting him a signed football or baseball by his favorite player. The options are endless! Pair both of these with a handwritten love note, and he will be one happy man.

For her


Swoon her with the classic gift of roses. Buy a dozen and either have them delivered to her home or work, or personally bring them to her. This is a simple, yet elegant gift that is timeless. Include a note with the flowers that mentions where your next date will be, and she will be more than pleased! If you’d like to go a different route, consider a piece of jewelry. Since you are still in the early stages of the relationship, this is more than enough. Choose a pair of earrings that you think she would like, and encourage her to wear them on your next outing together.

Committed relationship

Women love romantic gestures, especially on Valentine’s Day. For the woman in your life, show her your appreciation and love with a thoughtful gift. Plan a weekend for just the two of you to reignite your relationship. Book a room at a bed and breakfast and take her away on a little vacation. Plan ahead and look into nearby restaurants and other activities you can do while away. However, if you want to stay in town, plan for a date night with just the two of you. Buy her a new outfit, a new piece of jewelry, and have the outing already taken care of. This will sweep her off her feet! The time and planning that went into the gift shows you truly care.

Choosing the right gift for the man or woman in your life can be difficult. Deciding what is appropriate for the relationship and figuring out what they will like can be overwhelming. We hope these tips have helped! For any of your relationship questions and dating needs, please feel free to contact us today.


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