Outdoor Dates in LA

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Los Angeles offers an array of outdoor beauty. From blue waters to lush trails, the city is a prime location to take someone on a date. At Kelleher Los Angeles, we encourage all of our clients to keep their relationships interesting and intriguing. One way to do this is by spicing up traditional dating options. Outdoor dates are an ideal solution. Whether you are someone who loves the outdoors or simply appreciates it every now and then, we have the perfect outdoor date ideas for LA couples!

Kayaking – Interested in a date on the water? Not only will kayaking allow both people to improve and show off their arm strength, but this outdoor date offers the opportunity for the couple to talk in peace and observe LA’s surrounding beauty. Consider Long Beach for this date.

Parks – If you are more of a land person however, then one of LA’s many parks will do! This date is ideal for people who aren’t entirely fond of the outdoors, but are ready for some fresh air and sunshine. Pack up a few snacks, grab a blanket and settle down for a nice picnic. Consider the following parks:

  • Griffith Park
  • Brookside Park
  • Grand Park
  • Lake Hollywood Park
  • Echo Park Lake
  • Garfield Park

Winery – For a little bit of the indoors and outdoors, consider visiting a winery. Make sure to schedule ahead to take a tour. Enjoy wine tasting, explore the vineyards, and embrace the romance of the area. After wandering outside, top off the date with lunch or dinner provided by the winery. We suggest Malibu Wines.

Paddle boating – Enjoy a relaxing session out on an LA lake by paddle boating with your date. Cruise up and down the water at your own pace. Plan to go during sunset for optimal visual appeal and romance! Stop the boat after a while to enjoy a light dinner or lunch together (be sure to bring this for yourselves and plan accordingly).

Hiking/ horseback riding – If you and your date want to dive a little further into nature, consider a hike or horseback ride on one of the city’s trails. There are several different location options that can be based specifically on what experience you want for your hiking date in LA. These are structured for different levels of hikers, different desirable sceneries, etc.

Bike riding – Whether you rent a couple of bikes or use ones you already own, this is a beautiful date idea to explore the city and get outdoors. Take a cruise through the market, explore one of the aforementioned parks, or ride to one of your favorite destinations in LA. Be sure to take it slow so you can ride side by side and converse at the same time.

Cruise – If you want to be out on the waters but do not want to do the work that goes along with kayaking and paddle boating, consider a cruise. This gets you and your date outside without having to be so close to the water; you can still dress up and enjoy the fresh air. Consider a whale watching cruise or dinner/ lunch cruise.

Los Angles is a gorgeous city that offers abundant opportunity for outdoor activities. Whether you fancy the beach, lake, park, vineyard, etc., LA is an ideal city to have an outdoor date. If you are still looking for that special someone to explore the outdoors with, one of our elite matchmakers can help!


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