How Successful Women Find Love in Los Angeles

How Successful Los Angeles Women Find Love


If you are an intelligent, educated and powerful businesswoman, these three shared traits will earn you a tremendous amount of respect and admiration amongst your friends and peers. But when it comes to the tricky world of dating, many career-minded women do not experience the same amount of success as they do in other areas of their lives. Why does finding a potential partner prove so difficult? After all, there are thousands of single men in the world, and it stands to reason that one of them possesses the characteristics, drive, and personality that will complement your own. So where exactly are you going wrong?

One of the most common reasons that successful women have trouble finding love is that they think men are turned-off or intimidated by strong women, but this is seldom the case. Men can be very attracted to strong, independent women.

In any romantic relationship, you must always see your partner as your equal, regardless of whether or not their career is as successful as yours. Balancing your personal life with a highly demanding career can become complicated and exhausting, especially if you are in an industry where only the über-ambitious thrive. Those with firm life aspirations who want to meet a male counterpart as hard-working and successful as herself might find it more difficult than managing a busy career.

This imbalance has frustrated ambitious women for years. In 2008, Jill Kelleher, the founder of the elite matchmaking firm Kelleher International and her daughter, Amber Kelleher-Andrews spoke on The Today Show, where they were asked about their continuing work to help successful singles discover a romantic spark with someone special.

Jill suggests their job is to search for those with innately similar personalities, “a combination of commonalities,” and Amber even joked that “we’d love to match (the whole of) America if we had enough time!” The team at Kelleher International was tasked with finding some potential love matches for co-anchor of the show, newly-single-at-the-time Hoda Kotb. Hoda talked a little about her experience, mentioning that “I’ve got butterflies again. It’s like high school – only in high school, I had frizzy hair and stop-sign glasses. This [experience] is so much better.”

In some cases, love is as simple as finding a partner with similar interests. For example, if you are fit, athletic and enjoy working out, chances are you will take pleasure in the company of those who frequently visit the gym, play sports or regularly hike. Similarly, if you are a budding entrepreneur, try looking for local business networking opportunities in your area that give you the opportunity to meet potential partners with the same goals for the future.

Networking events instantly give you easy go-to topics of conversation. One of the scariest parts of dating in the initial stages is the possible lack of banter and discussion, due to someone being nervous, edgy or shy. Having similar interests makes it easier to strike up a conversation with that perfect stranger you’ve already set your sights on.

When you do meet a guy you deem your equivalent, many complain that it becomes difficult not to begin micromanaging the day-to-day aspects of your love life. Unfortunately, this sometimes includes every act that your new guy carries out. The obsessing will introduce an unhealthy element to any relationship because no-one enjoys being managed or told what to do. It is always useful to keep in mind that demanding behavior is never tolerated for very long before heated conversations turn into regular arguments. Most people are rather content with the way they are without someone trying to alter their lives for their benefit. The general rule of thumb is, if you have an urge to change a guy you like, you shouldn’t be dating him in the first place. The only person you should ever want to change is yourself.

Remember these three things when looking for love in Los Angeles:

What Works for Your Career Does Not Work in Love

To become a success in your career, you have had to be focused, determined and create strategies that work to get you where you want to go. These same tactics backfire when applied to dating. Building a relationship is not a problem to be solved or a task that needs accomplishing. A relationship is making a connection between equals.

Make Your Relationship a Priority

If your work is steadily encroaching on your dates, this sends a signal to a man that he is not important to you. As a successful woman, it’s typical to be busy and feel rushed through the day. If having a relationship is a priority to you, then you must make time for one. There’s no need for your career to suffer from having a relationship, but you do need to be able to set your work aside and focus on the person in front of you. Work with your date to carve out quality time for just the two of you, where your job does not intrude.

Treat a Man as Your Equal, Not a Box to Check

In your career, you have clear goals you take steps towards accomplishing. You may have had your career path lined out for years in advance, and checked off each step towards your goal. This attitude is destructive when applied to relationships. The purpose of a relationship should be to create a deep, lasting connection between two people. Unfortunately, some successful women take the outward signs of a successful relationship, such as marriage and children, and turn those into a goal. If you try to control your relationship the same way you have managed your career, chances are you will wind up alone or in an unhealthy partnership.

If you are a successful Los Angeles woman looking for a lasting relationship, we can help. If you are ready for love, contact us today.

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