Uncertainly Yours: Healthy Habits for Life and Relationships

man staring at sunsetYou’ve heard the old adage, the only thing that stays the same is change. The fallout from that means life is filled with uncertainty – and it’s your job to maneuver those moments of fear and doubt with a courageous commitment.

More things than not in life are out of your control, so the ability to let go and be in the moment is key to finding the joy in every experience. Our Los Angeles matchmakers have outlined a few helpful activities to assist you in finding your flow and embracing uncertainty.

Breathe Through It

A life worth living is full of growth and change, which offers up equal parts excitement and doubt. The first thing to do when facing intense uncertainty is to pause and clear your mind. Get still, close your eyes, inhale deeply through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth. Repeat this breathing pattern three times. Slowly open your eyes and feel the release of tension. Take this moment to shift your perspective and examine the bigger picture. Ask yourself why you feel this way about this situation.  Much work can be done in just a few breaths.

Recognize and Release

Sometimes we see doubt as something different than what it really is – simply a thought, or string of thoughts that have no power unless we buy into them. Embracing uncertainty early on in a relationship is a great judgment-free opportunity to share your authentic self and evaluate your new or potential partner at face value.

On the flipside, feelings of doubt and uncertainty when you’re rooted into a relationship can be signs of a deeper problem. Mindfully examine your concerns and focus less on the thoughts of uncertainty and more on the feelings attached to them. Your gut will guide you toward the necessary actions to take.

Take Action

When presented with a problem or situation, the worst thing you can do is “play it safe” by sitting idly and overthinking things. Do something! If you begin working through your fears and uncertainty, the solution will appear. Mindful action inspires and motivates future actions.

When it comes to love, at Kelleher, we’re fans of taking a risk! Does that new person in your life make you think about things differently? Or do you find yourself holding back from saying how you really feel because you’re scared the feelings won’t be reciprocated? In love, being scared and nervous is exciting. It means there’s potential. So dive in! Don’t pretend you know how the story will end. You’re just as likely to succeed as you are to fail, so release expectations and take a chance. When the timing and person are right, it will happen!

Our Kelleher Los Angeles matchmakers have borne witness to the bloom of many successful relationships. After all, Los Angeles is the hub for single elites looking for love. Whether in LA or anywhere else around the globe, our matchmakers are skilled at finding you potential life partner – it’s up to you to incorporate these healthy habits and take the plunge into those choppy waters of love. Don’t worry, we’ll be your lifeline.  Contact us today!

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