How to Make Time for Dating (When Your Schedule Is Booked)

Matchmakers help Los Angeles professionals make time for dating.











Los Angeles is a city on a mission. Nearly everyone is fervently pursuing their passions, working their way up the corporate ladder, or planning to launch the next big thing. This kind of ambition does not come easy. It takes hard work, dedication and time to make big ideas come to life – but those do not have to be at the expense of a happy relationship. Our matchmakers know just how to date in Los Angeles without sacrificing your career.


Make a conscious effort to put time and energy into your love life. Relationships can’t last if your heart is not in the right place, so make sure commitment is a goal you want. Don’t allow yourself to put this off until next week or next quarter, otherwise, you risk postponing your love life indefinitely. Our matchmakers recommend telling people about your intentions so they can hold you accountable for following through.

Time Management
In today’s swipe culture, digital dating can be a full-time job that often feels draining and disappointing. Matchmaking services like Kelleher International eliminate the time suck and guesswork by creating meaningful introductions on your behalf. Our matches are carefully screened, so you get better dates faster.

Treat your relationship the same way you manage your career. To meet your goals at work, you likely engage a step-by-step plan. You work on specific projects, read leadership books, and maybe even learn a few new skills to get the job done. The concept is the same with your love life: to achieve a relationship unlike any you’ve had before, you have to set goals, do your research, and work on self-improvement. We recommend achieving growth through strategic goal setting that can specifically target areas in need of improvement.

Goals should be specific and achievable on a designated timeline. An unrealistic goal would be something along the lines of, “I’m going to be in a relationship by December” because you have no control over the other party in the relationship. A better goal would be, “I will go on two dates every month” because that is something that is completely within your control – and is quantifiable so that you can check your progress. Enlist the help of a professional matchmaker to do the work for you to help save time.

It may seem obvious, but actively seek someone who excites you mentally, emotionally and physically. Don’t settle. When you find someone you are naturally attracted to, any excuse not to see that person will fall away. It will be a pleasure to be around them – not a chore. Any relationship where you would rather be at the movies or home – solo – is an indicator that something is wrong. Our matchmakers try to gauge the chemistry between each couple for personalized matches that you look forward to your next date!

Dinner and a movie don’t always work for changing schedules, so be open to unconventional date ideas or unusual times. Meet for coffee or lunch when you can, or rearrange travel plans to coincide with your partner’s. Try to commit to at least one romantic date each month.

Our main point is this: if you truly like someone, you will make time for that person no matter what. Your busy work schedule and social calendar will take a backseat to this amazing relationship you have developed. Looking for a professional to manage your dates for you? Contact us today and start your journey to a better relationship.

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