5 Marriage Boot Camp Quotes to Save Your Relationship


Los Angeles is no stranger to celebrities, and our matchmaking services have certainly seen their fair share of high-powered relationships. WE TV’s Marriage Boot Campseries focuses on mending broken celebrity relationships and repairing trust between partners. You don’t have to be in an unhappy relationship to learn from some of the couples featured on reality television. We recommend learning from other people’s mistakes to avoid ever having to make your own. Here are five times Marriage Boot Camp taught us a little more about life and love.


1) “…The obstacle standing in the way of your partner’s needs and wants is you. That is an important lesson because if you aren’t fulfilling your partner’s needs, your spouse will find them someplace else.” — Jim Carroll, CEO & co-founder of Marriage Boot Camp, Season 2, Episode 4

Our matchmakers believe this is more a lesson in communication than anything else. It is absolutely vital in every relationship that both partners not only feel comfortable stating their own needs, but also ask each other about their needs on a regular basis. Many celebrity couples swear by these “check-ins.” This is the best way to get a status report on your relationship and gauge whether you’re in a comfortable place or if it’s necessary to step up your game.


2) “Sex and sexual intimacy are vital to all relationships because it is the physical expression of an invisible bond in the relationship.” — Elizabeth Carroll, Season 2 Episode 7

Physical relationships are important! Have an honest conversation with your partner about preferences behind closed doors. Be sensitive to your partner’s self-esteem and be sure to praise good things they do in addition to offering new and exciting ideas of your own.


3) “…By forgiving someone for past injustice, you actually free yourself from a burden that has been weighing you and your marriage down.” — Elizabeth Carroll, Director of Marriage Boot Camp, Season 2 Episode 8

It’s natural for couples to fight, but the real test of a relationship’s strength comes after the fight – when you are forced to reach a compromise and forgive one another.


4) “You saved me. Let me save you.” — Shaun from Season 2, Episode 8

Couples depend on each other for more than just dinner reservations. A mutually beneficial relationship is one in which both partners rely on each other for emotional support. Whether this comes in the form of listening to your date or offering suggestions is up to you.


5) “Successful marriages have a foundation of honesty and genuine openness.” — Elizabeth Carroll, Season 2 Episode 9

If we could put this on a plaque and hand it to every client as they embark on their first dates together, we would. Honesty implies you have already done a lot of soul-searching and know what you want in a partner. You’re not just being honest with your date – you’re being honest with yourself. Embrace the experience of falling in love and enjoy it!


Television certainly is not the most accurate depiction of marriage (or even of relationships), but there are still a lot of lessons we can learn from real-life couples on reality shows. Relationships are fun, but they are also a lot of hard work. The key is to learn by example and avoid making the same mistakes that land other couples on reality TV to begin with.

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