12 New Year’s Resolutions To Strengthen Your Relationship

shutterstock_269027528The New Year is a time for self-reflection and improvement. It means you get a fresh start to make changes in areas of your life that you think could use a boost, like your relationship with your partner. Every relationship faces trials and tribulations, but successful couples know how important it is to face these hard times together and work toward the same goals. Fundamentals like respect and communication can help relationships stay strong even with busy schedules. We’ve compiled a list of the 12 most beneficial New Year’s resolutions for couples so you can build the ultimate relationship in 2017.

1) Work as a Team

The number one thing you and your significant other should realize is that you are a team. We repeat: you are in this together. You are there to help your date overcome obstacles and celebrate their achievements. You need to stand by each other in the hard times – even if your conflict is with each other. Remember to work together and be open and honest with one another. When in doubt, rely on your partner for help or ideas that can benefit both of you. After all, you are both equally invested in this relationship.

2) Try New Things
The New Year is the perfect opportunity to try new things. Doing new things with someone you love makes them that much better. Pick something you’ve always wanted to do, like painting, rock climbing or salsa dancing, and ask your partner to join you. This isn’t about discovering your next big hobby; this is about exploring something you can do together on your downtime. Quality time and personal enrichment are key.

3) Show Interest
Remember to show appreciation for your partner even if you feel like they already know how much you love them. It’s easy to get caught up in meetings and social obligations, causing many couples to forget to check in with each other. Try to reach beyond the simple, “how was work?” and talk about something deeper. When you show interest in your date, you are showing that you support them and their endeavors. This caring attitude helps create a safe environment where your partner will feel comfortable coming to you for advice in the future.

4) Laugh More
Make laughter a priority in your relationship. Relieve the stress from a hard day by sharing funny stories that happened throughout the day or a particularly funny picture you saw. Comedy shows are a dime a dozen in Los Angeles, and you’re sure to find something that’ll suit your comedic preferences. Streaming Stand Up comedy is also a way to enjoy a night of laughter without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Whichever you prefer, bringing laughter into your relationship is sure to brighten up your life.

5) Create a Morning Routine
If you are living with your partner, create a nice morning routine so you make the time you share together more special. Take turns making each other breakfast. While that’s being done, the other person can help prepare your belongings for the day, or tend to other chores. For the final touch, play a favorite song that you both enjoy and make an event out of it. It’ll put you both in a great mood and add a spring to your step.

6) Find Time to be Intimate
When you find yourselves falling into a routine, it’s time to step back and make time for you and your partner to be intimate, both emotionally and physically. You may find that it’s not happening as easily or as often as it used to, so plan some nights to just be together. Turn off the phones, put the schedules away and light some candles. Not every night has to lead to sex; sometimes you just have to take a breather away from everything but each other. Use this time to get to know your partner all over again. Intimacy isn’t always physical – sometimes, it’s just diving deep into the emotional aspect of your relationship and being okay with that. It can be uncomfortable at first, but the more you do it, the more you’ll find that you come to rely on these times. Open up and don’t be afraid to share.

7) Sweat it Out
Stay active and participate in some form of physical activity. Get a gym membership, or invest in some high quality mountain bikes or new running shoes. Make it a date and de-stress from a hard day. The endorphins that you’ll release will make you both happier and healthier. You can motivate and push each other to be better, which will make the workout much more fun.

8) Find Couple Friends
Going on doubles dates is fun! You’ll see how each of you interacts with other couples and possibly form deeper friendships. It’s good to have another couple to share your struggles with, and who knows: they may have some valuable insight they can share!

9) “I Love You”
These three words are so simple, and yet most couples don’t say them enough. If you realize that you haven’t said it in a while, take a moment and say it unexpectedly. This can be when you both are out getting groceries or a phone call while you’re sitting at your desk at work. Sincerity and spontaneity will go a long way.

10) Find Your Special Thing
What is your “couple thing?” This is the thing the both of you do that you can’t imagine doing without them. Whether that’s finding the entire series of Seinfeld and watching an episode before bed every night or cooking a special meal when something good happens, soon you’ll find that this becomes your “thing.”

11) Find Your Independence
It’s imperative that you find yourself outside of the relationship. Don’t give up your own goals and interests when you become a couple. Your significant other fell in love with the dynamic person who had interests outside of them. Plan lunch with your friends and nurture those relationships so they don’t become part of your past, and make it a point to spend time nurturing your hobbies. Your significant other should become a part of your world, not become the only part of your world. You’ll respect each other more if you remain strong and independent individuals.

12) Date Night
Once or twice a week, make time for a special night so you can enjoy each other’s company. Go to a new restaurant or gallery opening, or stay home and prepare a home-cooked meal. Whatever you choose to do, make it special and something you both can look forward to.

Having New Year’s resolutions that you and your significant other can work toward together is the perfect way to grow deeper in your relationship and create an unshakable bond. Learning to trust each other and rely on the other is a goal all couples can add to their resolutions and make a priority in their relationship. If you’re still trying to find that perfect someone to spend the New Year with, contact our Los Angeles matchmakers today. Don’t spend another moment alone – contact us now.

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