How LA’s Rich and Famous Can Benefit from Matchmaking

man in plaid hugs smiling girlAs matchmakers of the wealthy at Kelleher International, we specialize in both millionaire and celebrity dating. Our Los Angeles matchmaking services cater primarily to Hollywood celebrities, supermodels, professional athletes, business executives and other highly eligible singles who are at the very top of their industries. A common question we get is, “Do the rich and famous really have trouble finding love?” Continue reading

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Matchmaking versus Online Dating

couple on date after matchmaking servicesOnline dating has become the new way to meet people, including potential mates. In the U.S. alone, more than 40 million people have used online dating. Though many happy couples do meet online, using the Internet can be problematic for a number of reasons. Continue reading

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Celebrity Matchmaker Kelleher International Helps Hollywood Find Love

Being a celebrity offers many advantages. But being rich and famous can also have its drawbacks. For celebrities, romantic relationships can be a great deal more complicated than for people not in the spotlight. The usual dating rituals can expose the well-known to plenty of attention and scrutiny by the media. Also, celebrities need someone who can handle the hectic pace and pressures involved with the celebrity lifestyle. Continue reading

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5 Secrets for a Meaningful Relationship


Credit: Alejandra Quiroz |

Credit: Alejandra Quiroz |

Why do some relationships come and go while others last a lifetime? The secret lies in perspective. The couples who stay together do not get that way easily – it takes commitment, dedication and a strong desire to move forward with each other. Love can get you halfway there, but the other half is a mix of skill, emotional knowledge, and knowing your partner’s needs as well as your own. Build a meaningful relationship with your partner and discover the secrets to success with Los Angeles Matchmakers who understand your needs. Continue reading

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Handling Relationships on Social Media

Photo by Mikayla Mallek on Unsplash

Photo by Mikayla Mallek on Unsplash

One minute you’re getting to know someone, gazing into their eyes over a mocha latte, and then as soon as you get home – BAM – it happens: that little red notification pops up that lets you know your new date wants to be friends on social media. Don’t get us wrong: it’s the 21st century, but how do you handle a new date trying to get too friendly online too soon? This is a touchy subject and people seem to have devised different sets of rules for different occasions. Kelleher Los Angeles’s matchmaking services are steeped in social media so we have compiled the perfect step-by-step guide to evaluate your next move once the friend request has been sent.

Continue reading

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Matchmaking Mavens: A Salute to Mom

Jill and Amber - Kelleher International Matchmakers

We are a family-owned, boutique matchmaking firm celebrating 30 years of successful matches. It all started with the knack of our founder Jill Kelleher for putting people together. Sprinkling in grit, charm, and tenacity, Jill created an exclusive niche in the love business for successful professionals that grew from San Francisco to international stature.

Passing the torch onto daughter Amber Kelleher-Andrews, today the Kelleher network of select members continues to expand, but so does the corporate mission. KI no longer exclusively unites people in love. Amber realized the chemistry that connects two people in romance could be the very same chemistry that connects two ambitious entrepreneurs around an idea or cause. Through philanthropic efforts and special events, Amber strategically unites people for the greater good.

“It’s still about matching people,” Amber says, “but I’m able to use my intuition, my ability to get who someone is – all aspects of them, from personality to upbringing to career choices to the position they’re in and what they’ve accomplished – to inspire change and a greater global impact.”

As a mother-daughter duo, Jill and Amber have become pros at professional collaboration while maintaining that sacred mother-daughter bond. They each bring different strengths to the growing business and hand-select the team of KI Matchmakers with as much care and attention as they do in accepting their discerning clients to the network as well as their philanthropic ventures, such as Leadership Gatherings with Sir. Richard Branson on Necker Island.

As we salute super moms this week, I asked Amber to share some insight into the dynamics of this unique partnership and some of the magic that keeps the Kelleher sparks flying.

“My mom is my rock,” Amber exclaimed. Stepping up to the CEO role never felt like I was replacing Mom or filling her shoes. I get my instincts for business and connecting people from Mom but have my own unique style. Fortunately, my mother supports and guides me to grow the company.” Amber attributes a mutual respect and shared vision to the mother-daughter duo’s success.

Aside from the supportive work relationship, Amber beams as she talks about Jill Kelleher, the grandmother. “I’m so lucky to live close to my mom and have her play such an integral role in the upbringing of my children. It truly is a life-changer, and I’m eternally grateful that my kids will grow up having had so many wonderful experiences and such a strong bond with their grandmother. So many people don’t have that.”

This Mother’s Day, Kelleher International salutes all of the hard-working, motivated, multi-tasking, super moms out there raising the next generation of changemakers and thought leaders. Thank you, moms, for your sacrifices and for making the world a better, more loving place. And if you’re a single mom out there trying to do it on your own, remember that it takes a village. And when you’re ready, there’s a tribe of matchmakers right here at Kelleher International who get where you’re coming from and are happy to help you in the love department. Give us a call.

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Matchmaker Spotlight: Show Up for Love

“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.”

-Maya Angelou


Joining a matchmaking firm requires some degree of vulnerability. After all, you’re stripping back the layers of yourself and sharing those intimate details and desires with a team of “strangers” who will help you find true love. We get it; it’s a tall order, but the payout is huge. If you’re flirting with the idea of being matched, consider the following advice from Kelleher International Executive Matchmaker, Nahla Grafer, to help you have fun and relax during the process.

“Nothing good comes from fear and worry. It’s your responsibility to align with what you want, and mine is to be inspired to find your match,” Nahla says.

Aside from vulnerability, a successful experience with a matchmaking firm requires an equal amount of hope. Attitude is everything, and will without a doubt, shape your experience. “You have to be the very thing you want to attract! You can’t expect to have the best of someone if you don’t connect with the best of who you are,” Nahla explains.

The life of a matchmaker isn’t always as glamorous as it might appear. To be great at the craft, sometimes matchmakers deliver tough love and unsolicited advice. Those conversations are difficult, and clients don’t always like what they hear but that’s where hope and a growth mindset work their magic. “Trusting the process can be hard for clients, especially influential executives who have an inclination to control the experience,” Nahla adds. A natural unfolding can feel foreign to a micro manager, but once you learn to relax and let go, you’ll find pleasure in savoring the waiting. And, believe it or not, you’ll begin to appreciate the raw and honest dialogue you share with your matchmaker.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to get real, be open to possibility, and share your life with someone? Nahla and the rest of the hopeful, straight-shooting matchmakers of Kelleher International are excited to take the journey with you. And since all incredible adventures need a beginning – Give us a call to map out the process – that’ll be a great first step.

Pro Matchmaking Tip_Nahla


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Modern Matchmaking: The Client Connection

Pro Matchmaking Tip_Molly


There seems to be a misconception on the role of the modern matchmaker – the misinformed idea is that we only search on behalf of men with the focus being on lots and lots of dating. The truth is, there’s a vast difference between a dating service and a matchmaking firm. Matchmakers are responsible for developing a bond with both male and female clients so as to peel back those complicated layers to discover what makes them tick and what they’re truly looking for in the love department. A matchmaker armed with those details can be exceptionally useful.

We asked Kelleher International Executive Matchmaker, Molly Davis, to pull back the curtain and share some insight into the significant relationship between client and matchmaker. Molly works with our international client base consisting of the KI Chairman’s Group and CEO Club clients.

Molly jokingly quotes Jerry Maguire, “Help me help you,” but admits there’s a lot of truth in those now famous four little words. “The matchmaking process is a collaborative effort. We can provide promising opportunities but it’s how our clients approach said opportunities that makes it work. It’s important to remember we are in this together sharing the same goal.”

“One mistake I see clients make over and over is locking themselves into a preconceived notion of their perfect partner. By maintaining tunnel vision they close themselves off from potential matches,” Molly explained.

Molly’s advice is to stay as open as possible and dive into the work of discovering what makes you tick. “Ask yourself why certain partner criteria are important to you and thoughtfully analyze the answers you uncover. Is this notion of your perfect partner based on what other people will think? Are you going to cuddle up with their diploma at night?”

Asking yourself the hard questions and having an open dialogue with your matchmaker builds a level of trust and understanding and assists us in making better connections on your behalf.

According to Molly, her favorite part of matchmaking is the opportunity to change people’s lives in a profound way. We have a team of matchmakers who share her passion for making “love connections.” If you’re considering a change to your current relationship status and would like the assistance of bright, confident, and compassionate matchmakers, call Kelleher International today.


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Planning: Make Your Dates Unforgettable

perfect dates

Men seem stuck in a rut on how to plan a good date night. They usually stick with three variations of the same date: dinner, a movie, or dinner and a movie. When did dating become so predictable?

Our Los Angeles matchmakers have created this “How To” guide to help plan more exciting dates. If you’re not exclusively dating, this is an excellent opportunity to set yourself apart from other suitors. Here are a couple of ideas to differentiate you from other men and establish yourself as a contender for her time and possibly her heart. Continue reading

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The Importance of Courtship in Building a Relationship


When someone mentions the word courtship, people will often misunderstand, judge or jump to conclusions about what it means so we want to clear things up! Courtship is an essential part of building a successful relationship and maintaining it for years to come. Romance and deep commitment are needed for a relationship to survive and courtship provides the building blocks. Courtship also allows couples to build trust and unconditional love, which are two other must-haves in a healthy relationship. Our Los Angeles matchmakers have put together a simple guide to help you understand courtship and why it’s an important way to build a relationship with the person you love. Continue reading

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