Ways to Meet New People in L.A.

shutterstock_127731035Moving to a new place can be tough, especially if it’s a city as large and diverse as Los Angeles. When you don’t know many people to begin with, it can be hard to put yourself out there and meet others, especially if you are looking for more than friendship. Here are some ways to build a new network of friends and find that special someone.

One good way to get involved in your community is to join a sports team. Not only does this allow you to connect with different types of people and have a great time getting to know one another without a lot of social pressures, but it also helps keep you in shape as well. It doesn’t hurt to be in shape in L.A., one of the healthiest cities in the U.S., when looking for a mate. A great organization that hosts co-ed intramural sports teams is ZOG, which boasts a network of 80,000 young professionals that form teams and compete against one another and off-set the games with exclusive happy hours and gatherings. The best part is that ZOG gives 10 percent of league profits, 100 percent of bar donations, and a portion of sponsorship proceeds to the charities chosen by the winning teams.

Another way to meet people with similar values is to volunteer with a local charity. You can use Volunteer Match to find a local charity that matches your interests if you aren’t sure what charities operate in your area. Pet lovers may want to volunteer at a shelter or Humane Society, and nature lovers can spend their time planting in community gardens or picking up litter in the park. There are endless opportunities for volunteer work in Los Angeles and you can easily meet people that share your philanthropic mindset.

In college, you probably met many interesting people and had no trouble bonding, as the shared experience of taking a class together automatically founded a starting ground for relationships. Why not use that phenomenon to your advantage? It’s never too late to start learning new things, and there are many types of classes in L.A. for people of all interests. You could learn Pilates or Yoga at your gym, take an improv comedy or acting class, take a class or two at a community college or even take interest in a more specialized hobby, such as equestrianism. You’ll have no trouble meeting people that share the experience of learning new things.

Though these are all opportunities to introduce yourself to new people, none of them will make a difference if you don’t talk to people. It may be scary at first to approach strangers, but practice whenever you go to a club or bar and eventually you will overcome your anxiety. By making yourself approachable and going to talk to others, you greatly improve your chances of meeting your dream date and you may also pick up several good friends along the way.

If your time for social networking is short, you can always turn to a professional matchmaker to do your groundwork for you and find people who already share much in common with you. For more information, please visit Kelleher Los Angeles’ website today.

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