Overcome the Most Common Intuition Blocks

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When it comes to relationships, many people find it difficult to trust their intuition which is a shame, because intuition knows all the important stuff before we do in our subconscious mind.

Intuition supports you by:

  • -Recognizing someone’s character
  • -Sensing compatibility
  • -Signaling when your needs aren’t met
  • -Signaling when your values are violated

In the heat of a new relationship, gut feelings get pushed down and drowned out by infatuation and courtship butterflies. Our professional matchmakers have highlighted three areas where following your intuition in a new romantic situation can be difficult. Hopefully, this insight will help you overcome the most common intuition blocks.


Following your intuition in a relationship will increase the chances of getting your needs met and feeling honored by your partner. However, the voices of vulnerability and loneliness can drown out intuition if you let them. Once this happens, you might find yourself in emotionally toxic situations – like settling for a partner who doesn’t value you, your boundaries or your needs. It’s not abnormal to feel needy now and then, but think twice about situations where your inner voice gets louder and louder. Use these tips to ensure you’re listening to your intuition rather than acting out of neediness.

Use the “Abundance Outlook” in Relationships

  • The abundance outlook means you are aware that if things don’t work out, there are hundreds of people out there who would be lucky to have you in their life. You are important, and the person you are with doesn’t define who you are, no matter how the relationship might end. If your intuition is telling you a relationship isn’t for you, don’t be ashamed to quit and try again. That’s the fun of dating! At Kelleher International, we believe there is someone out there for everyone. So never settle. Enjoy life and be open to new love, it will find you.

Know What Your Needs are and Meet Them

  • When we say needs, we’re talking about the fundamental needs of truly being known in this world: intimacy, love, feeling special and being heard. Coming from relationship experts, it may seem counter-intuitive, but your needs can and should be met in areas outside of your romantic relationship. Develop deep and fulfilling relationship with a variety of people in your life – your parents, siblings, close friends, and colleagues. One person isn’t capable of meeting all of your needs. Nurturing a variety of personal relationships is instrumental in a happy, well-balanced life. When you and your partner are together, you can be confident the decisions you’re making aren’t based on subconscious needs.


Often, your dedication to being non-judgmental will lead you to associate with and accept people that may not deserve your attention or love. As you know, the people you spend the most time with are a reflection of you; the person you fall in love with tells the world what you think of yourself. You deserve someone who will love you and empower you – period. If you allow your intuition to fall by the wayside, you might be lead into an unhealthy relationship with someone that doesn’t put the same amount of time and care into the relationship that you do. Skip this entire fiasco and allow our elite matchmakers to find someone who will truly honor and protect you. We don’t play games when it comes to love, and those who make it past our customized vetting system are real people who are worthy of you and your time.

Empathy Overload

Being overly empathetic can be a huge block when it comes to having healthy, successful relationships. Empathy itself is not bad; in fact, it can help you understand your partner on a deeper, more emotional level. However, if you allow empathy to take over the show, it can sidestep your intuition and leave self-care waiting in the wings. Intuition is your guide to understanding what is best for you, what your values are, and what is going to meet your needs. In contrast, empathy overload impulsively places your partner’s needs above your own. Be mindful and let your intuition help you identify the people who add to your life and accept that some might need to go.

If you’re surfacing from a recent break-up in which you experienced one or more of these blocks, your intuition could use some backup! That’s where we come in. Our elite matchmakers at Kelleher International will get your intuition back on track and pair you with someone amazing and like-minded. Our process is straightforward and fun, which allows you to finally take a breath, sit back and enjoy the moment.

Are you ready to give us a call? Follow your gut.

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