Dating Tips for the Single Woman

kelleher la single woman

Especially in Los Angeles, being a single woman can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Confronted with the fast-paced hustle and bustle of such a large city, it can be difficult to find the right dating pool to splash around in. Our Kelleher Los Angeles matchmaking team is here with a few dating tips for the single woman!

Focus on yourself

This is the perfect time in a woman’s life to truly focus on herself. Without the distraction of possible children, a boyfriend, etc., single women are given the opportunity to do what they want, whenever they want. More importantly, they have more flexibility when it comes to focusing on themselves. Maintain your health and work toward specific goals. Come closer to fulfilling your dreams by working diligently on your passion. This is the time to take chances and go at full speed ahead. These actions toward self-improvement will slowly start to show to others. Not only will this increase confidence, but it will attract more of the right people.

Keep an open mind

When it comes to dating and meeting new people, try to keep an open mind. While it is important to try and find someone with whom you are compatible and will get along, be open to new experiences and people from different walks of life. Talk to someone you wouldn’t normally approach. Go on a date that isn’t the typical movie and dinner outing. Slowly getting out of your comfort zone and what you are used to can be a good thing. Explore different options and you might just find something unexpected that you love.

Determine what you want

Take this opportunity to date different types of people. From each experience, gather more of an idea of what you want and what you are looking for in a relationship. It is important to set clear goals, wants, and needs. That way, when it comes time to finding the right person to commit to, there will be less doubts and more satisfaction.


As women, we tend to nitpick at ourselves. Whether you are critical of your body image, makeup, fashion, etc., use your single years to let this go. Rather, accentuate what you love about yourself. Focus on a feature and flaunt it. Perhaps this is a skill that should be pursued such as an art or hobby. Or, perhaps if it is a body part, allow it to boost your confidence each and every day.

Practice confidence

Accordingly, it is important to practice self-confidence. The more you love and appreciate yourself, the more others will as well. There are several ways to improve self-confidence to find love: work toward goals, focus on health, treat yourself, practice mindfulness, and try something new. Finding one’s confidence isn’t something that comes overnight. It needs to be consistently worked on and encouraged. However, once you start to feel better about yourself, this is exuded to the rest of the world.

If you are a single woman who is ready to find love, we can help. Our team of elite matchmakers will pair you with an individual who meets your compatible needs! Our services, in combination with these tips, are bound to help the single woman thrive.

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