Planning: Make Your Dates Unforgettable

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Men seem stuck in a rut on how to plan a good date night. They usually stick with three variations of the same date: dinner, a movie, or dinner and a movie. When did dating become so predictable?

Our Los Angeles matchmakers have created this “How To” guide to help plan more exciting dates. If you’re not exclusively dating, this is an excellent opportunity to set yourself apart from other suitors. Here are a couple of ideas to differentiate you from other men and establish yourself as a contender for her time and possibly her heart.

Make the First Date a Conversation Date

No matter how well you think you know a woman, there is always another layer to discover. The first date should be fun but also encourage conversation – a movie is out of the question for obvious reasons.

Dinner can be an awkward first outing for several reasons. First off, women tend to be self-conscious of their eating habits, as well as the food they order and how they eat. While many women nervously nibble their dinner, most men inhale their food leaving the woman to then dine on display – her worst nightmare. In a lot of ways, eating is a far more intimate activity than it is perceived.

Find Something She’s Interested In

If you’re looking to create a memorable night, it’s important to find something that she likes and incorporate it into your date. Making an effort shows her that you have taken a little time out of your busy schedule to learn about her interests.  Of course, this becomes easier as you develop common interests and spend more time getting to know one another.

If your date enjoyed playing tennis in college but hasn’t had time recently, invite her to the court for a friendly match. If she has an eye for art, sign up for a “paint night” and test your skills at painting while getting to know each other over a glass of wine. Planning a night she will enjoy isn’t hard, but it does require you to be a bit of a detective.

Do Something Unique

Planning a unique experience that will pique your date’s interest and supply ample conversation can seem difficult, but if done correctly, she will subconsciously use this as a reference point for other dates, bringing you to the forefront of her mind even when you’re not there. You could sign up for a drawing class or take some cooking lessons. If you both enjoy outdoor activities, go for a hike, or kayaking, or play frisbee golf. There are endless interesting date ideas around Los Angeles, so there’s no excuse.

The idea is to get out and do something together. Most men have the “passive date” ingrained in their repertoire, but in actuality, an “active date” will be a lot more memorable for both of you.

These suggestions are only the start of planning an unforgettable date. With practice, however, you can become the date master. Take a bit of time to get to know your date and plan accordingly; you will both have fun and avoid the cliché dinner and a movie. Planning unique dating experiences will certainly spice up your dating life. If you’re still looking for someone to spend your time and possibly the future with, look no further. Kelleher Los Angeles employs expert matchmakers to find you the woman or your dreams.  Contact us today to get started!


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